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The ultimate outdoor adventure 
game puzzles

Adventure live - easily with your smartphone. 

Experience exciting outdoor missions - now very easily with your smartphone. 

Find places

Find target locations by radar, puzzle or more accurate 


answer questions

To solve specific puzzles. By open answer or multiple choice.

Activate the timer

You have to solve some tasks under time pressure.
the clock is ticking...

Scan objects

Our built-in scanner recognizes objects, QR codes and text.

Solve bonus tasks

Collect extra points with bonus tasks. 

Share your experiences 

Share your mission with friends and followers. Coming soon!

Let the adventure begin

For Early Birds: Test the first mission in Hamburg NOW!

 Come along on the most romantic mission through Hamburg. In our beautiful Hanseatic city there are many stories and beautiful places to do with love. You discover enchanting places in the city, solve tricky puzzles and sometimes travel into the past.

You can drive, hike or stroll from point to point at your own pace. For newly in love, and old love, not yet in love or Tinder encounters. For young and old, alone or with friends, for curious Hamburgers and all guests in the city.

Just register and off you go! Have fun! 

Thats how it works.

White Structure
Install app

Installs the SCHNiTZELn app.

For the Early Bird Mission you have to register in the next step.

Please register 

Simply register here with the registration form. You will then receive a confirmation email.


Scan the QR code with the app. Or use the link provided.   The mission will then load. And it begins. 

Create your own, individual, digital scavenger hunt in your city and become part of our SCHNiTZELn Mission Creator community. 

Hello. Mission Creator!

Are you a city guide or do you organize guided tours in your hometown?  Do you love creating games & puzzles?  Are you an explorer?

We are looking for mission creators for our digital scavenger hunt app "SCHNiTZELn".


Your advantages: Share your know-how from your region and generate a lucrative additional income through receiving a share of the proceeds from selling your mission .  Are you wondering how this is supposed to work? It's easy!


Apply now and learn more about our  community of Mission Creators!

Sonnenuntergang im Hamburg
For Early Birds: Test the first mission in Hamburg now.
Join us on a mission in the name of love through many beautiful and strange places in Hamburg.

Driving, biking, walking, alone as a couple or in a group.

Simply register and receive your first mission via email!


Let the adventure go on

Register now for the newsletter and we will inform you as soon as there are new missions. In Hamburg and other cities. 

Thanks very much!

By submitting this form, I agree that SCHNiTZELn may inform me about current offers, new products and new articles via newsletter. This agreement can be revoked at any time.

Privacy Policy


The successful nature photographer Michael Poliza traveled to foreign countries and cultures for decades and documented his experiences with his camera. Now it is time to explore our immediate surroundings more closely. It started with the Michael Poliza eBike Adventure Tours and now this is coming  SCHNiTZELn app to bring people and their environment together even more easily.

Michael Poliza, nature photographer and inventor and founder of the SCHNiTZELn app

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