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Freunde mit Smartphones
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Image by Ferdinand Stöhr

Mission Creator!

Create your own, individual, digital scavenger hunt in your city.
We are looking for mission creators for our digital scavenger hunt app "SCHNiTZELn".

Are you a city guide or do you organize guided tours in your hometown? You enjoy challenges, puzzles and can tell some stories from your city?

Maybe you also have a good eye for interesting places and unusual perspectives? Or have you always been a fan of scavenger hunts and treasure hunts? And you want to earn money with your interests?


Then apply now as a Mission Creator* and create a digital scavenger hunt for our app.

How does this work?

It's simple - all you need is an iPhone, ideas and a desktop.
We'll take care of everything else. ​
The app

Our SCHNiTZELn app is now available in the App Store and anyone can download it for free.

But to play you need missions...

The mission

The mission is the actual game - a mission is a digital scavenger hunt.


  • With different tasks and challenges

  • Different lengths

  • Simple or complex

  • Playfully or with a focus on competition

  • Can take place anywhere


Each mission is available in the Mission Store and costs around €5 to €15 depending on length and attractiveness.

More about the missions

*The Mission Creator

This is where you come in!As a Mission Creator, you create your own digital scavenger hunt - a mission.

After your registration   you get access to our mission editor.

It is easy and intuitive to use and can be used by anyone after a short training session. Promised.

After we approve your mission, it can be purchased by any player.


And with every sold mission you earn money... simply and by the way!

You can design the individual missions very flexibly.

You can create them specifically for certain modes of transport - pedestrian, bicycle, car, wheelchair user, canoe or rowboat, whatever you want - or open to all. 

You can think of certain topics like architecture or botany... Or bridges, churches, museums. The university district in your city. Everything conceivable and possible. The first mission in Hamburg, for example, is a very romantic tour of Hamburg's districts.

Your imagination knows no boundaries.

Create your first mission

Create different tasks and challenges for your mission


Define consecutive points of interest using GPS data for the player to find.

The player finds every location with our integrated radar


Ask exciting questions that players must answer on site to solve puzzles.

The answers can be given freely or by multiple choice

QR Code_4x.png

Integrate various tasks into your mission, such as image search, QR code search and so on...

Our built-in scanner recognizes objects, QR codes and text

Let the adventure begin

Apply now to become a SCHNiTZELn Mission Creator!  
We look forward to you.

We have also made that very easy for you. So that we can get to know you a little, we have prepared a small online questionnaire. Here you can enter your contact details and tell us a little bit about yourself.

As soon as you have filled out and sent the form, you will receive a confirmation and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

The Editor for Mission Creators...


After registering as a SCHNiTZELn Mission Creator, you will receive exclusive access to our editor and instructions. Questions are allowed and desired at any time. 

Place your finished mission in our MissionStore for approval by us

Once approved, your mission can be purchased by any player.

With every sold mission you earn money... easy and by the way!

now apply!

Become  SCHNITZELn Mission Creator.  Simply fill out a small online questionnaire and send it off. You will immediately receive confirmation that we have received your application and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

And who are we?

Michael Poliza 3.jpeg

Michael Poliza, nature photographer and inventor and founder of the SCHNiTZELn app

The successful nature photographer Michael Poliza traveled to foreign countries and cultures for decades and documented his experiences with his camera. Now it's time to explore our surroundings more closely - because the beautiful places and treasures are not many hours away by flight.

Our current time around the global pandemic situation motivates everyone to explore their immediate environment more closely.


SCHNiTZELn develops precisely this natural urge to explore that an adventurer has  and combines a spirit of adventure with cutting-edge technology that is accessible, affordable and safe for everyone.

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